Current Version Version: 1.1 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Zaah Technologies, Inc.
Price Free
Description The only authentic FREE Graffiti Spray Can app available, created by iconic graffiti writer Phetus and the crew at the Elite Gudz studio in New York, is now bigger, better and available on iPad! After receiving millions of downloads, Elite Gudz combed all of the comments and feedback to include the top requested features along with a complete graphical and interface overhaul. Graffiti Spray Can 2 enables anyone to create impressive artwork and share it around the world! Features: * 5 New Tips/Brushes - Including Drips! * Classic Shake Animations and Rattle Sounds updated in HD * Color-wheel (Easy to use with Millions of colors to choose!) * Full Featured Music Player with 3 FREE tracks * Enhanced Touch-Screen Interaction * All New HD Backgrounds to choose from * Variable Cap/Brush size (Fine to Thick) * Save and Share through Facebook, Twitter & Email * Lots more to discover *********************** Look for a major update this Month that will enable Backgrounds, Hand-Made Text Fonts, Stencils and Music Packs from the top Graffiti Artists in the World! Also- "Undo" is coming! *********************** "The new iPad edition of the app offers users a wider array of features…Both editions offer users the satisfying option of shaking a digital spray can and hearing the familiar rattle of crime-in-the-making." - Macworld "Artists who want to make graffiti without running afoul of the law-or inhaling too many paint fumes-have a new iPad app to help them leave their mark." - PCWorld "Developer Elite Gudz got a lot of things right with this app. The spray painting experience is authentic and the graphics are handled well, with the paint responding very quickly to your drags across the surface of the device." - "As one might expect from an app called Graffiti Spray Can 2, users can paint on a brick wall or other backgrounds using virtual spray paint cans. Select a color and spray size, before using your fingertip to paint. You'll hear realistic spray sounds as you paint your words or pictures." - USA Today "Graffiti Can is a great app to just download and play around with and see just how addictive it can become…While there are plenty of fun little time wasters for the iPad one of the must have apps most recently has got to be Graffiti Spray Can 2." - "By playing with the settings you can get a real approximation of the look of spray painting on the side of a building, and the spray can sound effects almost convince you that you can smell the spray paint as it shoots out of the can." -

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