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Description Awarded Best Stargazing App 2012 in Tap! Magazine's 100 Best iOS Apps Ever! Luminos brings the universe to you with the detail and power usually reserved for the best desktop applications. It delivers full-featured astronomy, optimized for iOS, including the largest catalogs available. Luminos renders textured 3D planets and moons, constellations, and deep space catalogs and imagery. Deep space objects render as familiar star chart representations, properly sized and aligned, while images are positioned and scaled to their actual position in the sky. All celestial objects include detailed position and catalog information. Zoom in on any object for a better view. With a few taps you can fly to any planet and view it from a high orbit, or touch down and see the universe from another world. Or, see our own planet from a new perspective by riding along on the International Space Station or any other satellite and serenely watch the world go by (satellite data requires free account). View over 2,500,000 stars, thousands of galaxies, nebulas, asteroids, comets and satellites from anywhere. Optional, extra catalogs download into Luminos at no additional charge. Satellite and small body tracking information is seamlessly integrated into the Luminos display. Luminos provides many utilities for customizing and optimizing your viewing experience. Observation lists give you complete control over planning your evening viewing sessions. Telescope tools allow you to manage your inventory and help you select the best optics for your target. Full night vision mode lets you browse the sky without affecting your low light eye adaptations, and is adjustable on the fly. With a simple gesture, Luminos will switch to free look mode that allows you to point your iPad in any direction and match up your view with the actual sky. Tracking in free mode supports full rotation at any angle, ensuring you can identify objects even when they're directly overhead. The Luminos time picker gives you control over the direction and flow of time. Watch the planets orbit Sol at a rapid pace, or follow the many man-made satellites as they swarm the Earth. Real 3D terrain shows the actual horizon around you which allows you to quickly determine what you can see while out stargazing; the lunar calendar helps you determine the best times for viewing by showing you illumination levels, rise, set, and transit for both Luna and Sol. With easy navigation features and an intuitive interface, you'll never be lost as you tour the cosmos.