Current Version Version: 1.0.6
Author Albert Tam
Price $1.00
Description MASH Touch! Now games 2 in 1!
The BEST Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House game available on the App Store. Play MASH the Classic way and the Square way.

MASH Touch takes the traditional MASH game beyond it's roots. MASH Touch tells you HILARIOUS stories once your future is predicted, not just generic stories. Twitter your results and share your stories on Facebook!

You remember MASH don't you?!
Well, the pencil and paper fortune telling game is back and ready to reveal everything about your future!
Relive the fun memories with MASH Touch!

If you don't know MASH, ask your friends or family about it. They'll remember it and fill you in on what you missed out on!

• Fully customizable MASH Square
• Predict your future with a swirl, number, or random.
• Create your own categories
• Create your own items/spouses
• View your results as a story!
• Over 1 BILLION possible stories to be told
• Uses your Contacts List as a list of possible spouses
• Twitter your results
• Share your stories on Facebook

• Check out the support page for more screenshots

Upcoming Updates:
• MORE Categories
• MORE Items
• MORE Stories
• MORE Laughs

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