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Price $2.00
Description Play your favorite tunes instantly and note-perfect just by tapping!

"TappyTunes does an excellent job of enabling one to play music without learning an instrument."
        — Macworld (see

Why struggle with piano keys or guitar strings when you can make music like a pro just by tapping the melody anywhere on the screen? Hear your tune come to life in full chords upon your first tap. Watch delightful animated graphics bounce and swirl right under your fingertips. No little piano keys to press. No note order to follow. Just tap away! TappyTunes™ is your own personal band, waiting to follow you. Never hit a wrong note. TappyTunes™ has all the notes and chords pre-loaded in sequence! Tap fast or slow to change the tune as you go. Give a command performance every time. Even your two year old can do it!


♪ TappyTunes™ requires no musical skills
♪ Captivate your children's attention
♪ Lead a sing-along at your next party
♪ Dock it to speakers karaoke style


♪ Over 80 tunes!
♪ Fun for all ages
♪ Sound effects
♪ Animated graphics
♪ Rich sound with full harmony
♪ Variety of musical instruments


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