Current Version Version: 1.11
Author David Emeny
Price $1.00
Description "... a great game if you're into movies and movie trivia... I definitely would recommend it" - AppSlappy Podcast #9

"Totally addicted to MOVIE BLOCKS game on the app store" - Dan Trachtenberg, Totally Rad Show (via Twitter)


Movie Blocks is a puzzle game for all movie fans. Destroy the blocks by matching actors to movies they starred in, but a wrong answer and all those blocks will be locked. Do you have the knowledge and the strategic skill to defeat it?

Based on a 2009 list of the most successful movies of all time at the US box office. Only actors that appear in at least two of those movies are included in the game - some actors you may not know, but they appear in at least two of the biggest movies of all time, so you should!

As well as regular blocks, look out for Super Blocks and Purple Blocks too. Use these to clear lots of blocks in one fell swoop.

A must for all puzzle fans and movie fans alike!

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