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Description The easiest way to print on iOS. With support for Apple's AirPrint and our own advanced Avatron Print technology. With Print Sharing, you can print to your printer wirelessly, without installing any special software on a computer. If you have an AirPrint-compatible wireless printer, Print Sharing can print to that. If you have a Mac with Printer Sharing enabled, Print Sharing can use that too. It can even print through a Linux machine with CUPS installed. Windows printers are NOT supported. EASY PRINTING It's easy to print with Print Sharing. Just three steps: 1. Choose what to print. You can either:      - Copy something from another app, and launch Print Sharing with that in the pasteboard.      - Find a document on the web, in a mail attachment, or in some other app, and tap “Open In Print Sharing.” 2. Choose whether you want to print with Apple AirPrint or with Avatron Print. 3. Choose some print options, and tap the Print button. ADVANCED OPTIONS If you choose Apple AirPrint, you have a few very simple printing options: • Choice of printers • Number of copies • Single or Double-sided If you use Avatron Print, you have all of these options, plus some more power: • View page thumbnails when selecting the start and end pages • Choose page orientation • Select paper size • Set printer-specific options, such as:      - imaging options      - resolution enhancement      - toner density      - watermark/overlay      - media type      - tray choice      - page order      - and many more OTHER APPS FROM AVATRON If you like Print Sharing, please check out our other apps, including Air Sharing and Air Display. Just search for "avatron" in the App Store. Air Sharing Pro (for iPhone or iPod touch) and Air Sharing HD (for iPad) have all of the printing power of Print Sharing, but also have advanced document viewing and file operations. If you just want to print, Print Sharing gives you a very streamlined printing workflow. But if you want to access remote file servers (including FTP & FTPS, SSH/SFTP, WebDAV, Dropbox,, MobileMe iDisk, POP3, and IMAP), view large images, read PDFs with Search and table-of-contents features, and on and on, don't miss the Air Sharing apps. Air Display is a universal app that lets you use your iPad as a wireless monitor to extend your computer desktop. It works with Mac and Windows, and even lets you use the touchscreen to perform mouse operations (click, drag, right-click, and scroll wheel).