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Description Communication by Location - not by text or email! AskLocal is a revolutionary patent pending platform for communication by location - letting you post messages in your neighborhood or across the world while controlling who can see and reply to them based on their distance from your messages. AskLocal is great for announcing events, voicing opinions, gathering news, conducting polls, buying/selling stuff, advertising services, and even crowd-sourcing work. Imagine if you can post a message that only people in a limited physical area (say Paris) can see and reply to. That's what AskLocal lets you do. You "pin" your messages anywhere in the world and you pick how far from that point people can see or reply to your messages. Imagine using this to announce a block party that only people in your block can see, or posting a question on a college campus that only campus people can reply to. Imagine using this to sell something locally or across the country... Imagine the possibilities... Buy/sell, job postings, announcements, questions, polls, etc. Using AskLocal is easy, quick, and requires no registration or login! Download AskLocal to post and reply to location-based messages anywhere in the world.