Current Version Version: 1.0.1 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Dan Leehr L.L.C.
Price $10.00
Description FLAC Player is a high-quality music player designed for lossless, gapless playback of albums and live recordings in FLAC format. With FLAC Player, loading music is easy and organization is automatic. Files are grouped into collections based on FLAC tags, or file names (if tags are not present). Quickly add music, artwork, and track lists using iTunes USB File Sharing. FLAC Player supports the premier technologies on iOS4: background audio playback, remote control, and import of files from other apps (Filer, Dropbox, even Safari) Features: ☆ Lossless, gapless playback optimized for iOS ☆ Decodes FLAC files up to 24-bit, 96kHz, Hardware output up to 16-bit, 48kHz ☆ Bookmark any song and jump back to the same position ☆ Background audio playback (requires iOS4 multitasking) ☆ Remote controls (via headphone, lock screen, bluetooth, or dock connector - requires iOS4) ☆ Supports bluetooth headphones and audio devices (not recommended for quality) ☆ Album art viewer (jpeg, png, tiff, bmp, gif) ☆ Text/Info file viewer (txt, pdf, html, doc, rtf) ☆ Sort FLAC files by track number, file name, date modified, or manually ☆ Optimized for low power-usage