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Description FIND OUT WHY THE WORLD IS SLEEPING BETTER! RECOMMENDED BY HEALTH MAGAZINE, WASHINGTON POST, PC MAGAZINE, AND THE ITUNES STAFF! White Noise provides ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax or sleep. Are you in a hotel and miss the familiar sound of your fan or air conditioner? Flying on a plane and just want to nap? Includes high quality looping noises such as ocean waves crashing, hard rain pouring, and flowing stream water. Relax. Sleep better. Feel better. FEATURES - iOS 4 background audio support. Play relaxing sounds while using other apps! - Mix multiple noises together to create new soundscapes - Create a timed playlist of sounds and mixes - Sleep function turns display into a LED clock and dragging up and down adjusts brightness - Sound timers that slowly fade audio out so you don't suddenly awake - Multiple alarms that slowly fade in so you wake up feeling refreshed - On-screen media and volume controls with support for headphones w/ remote controls and iPod controls on lock and multitask screens - Gesture support allows swiping left or right to navigate sound collection - Integrated help available by swiping down. To dismiss swipe up. - Star your favorite sounds and mixes in the catalog viewable in the favorites category. - Settings let you adjust device volume, sound volume, balance, and pitch of sound. Auto sleep enables sleep mode after 2 minutes. - Includes beautiful images that match the high quality of each sound Create new sounds by creating mixes and adjusting each sound's volume, balance, and pitch. Slow the crashing waves by adjusting the pitch, add a camp fire off to your right, and put crickets chirping in the distance. You create the perfect ambient soundscape! INCLUDES 40 AMBIENT SOUNDS AND PICTURES: Air, Airplane, Amazon, Beach, Blue Noise, Boat, Brown Noise, Car Rain, Cars, Cat Purring, Chimes, City, Clock, Clothes Dryer, Crickets, Crowd, Extreme Rain, Fan, Fireplace, Frogs, Hair Dryer, Heavy Rain, Heartbeat, Light Rain, Ocean, Pink Noise, Rain Storm, Shower, Sprinkler, Stream, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Thunder, Train, Vacuum, Violet Noise, Washer, Water, Water Drip, White Noise, Wind RECOMMENDED BY HEALTH MAGAZINE: The Feel-Better iPhone March 1, 2009 “Here are three [Apps] we love (all available at Apple’s iTunes store): White Noise. Choose from 36 sounds— like crashing waves, falling rain, or even a purring cat—to help you turn off your brain, fall asleep faster, and get the rest you desperately need.” FEATURED IN THE WASHINGTON POST: Smartphone Puts Newborn to Sleep Health Section Page 1 February 3, 2009 "For the next four months, the infant slept with his father's iPhone in his crib and White Noise tuned to 'air conditioner.' The monotonous buzz kept the baby sleeping soundly and his parents happy." --Sindya N. Bhanoo WEBSITE REVIEWS: "Background noises are well-recorded and sound clear even through an iPhone’s speakers" – "It's fantastic for the times you need to get to sleep or if you just want to lay back on your couch or bed and let your mind drift off. " -- CUSTOMER REVIEWS (App Store): “I use it with Bose Headphone while traveling on long flights around the country. It helps me forget I’m in coach, catch a few hours sleep and arrive feeling better than one could expect.” "We have an eight week old, and he’s slept with an iPhone and White Noise every night since birth. He’s the happiest kid on the block" “The sounds on this app rival those of expensive white noise generators you would find at Brookstone or Sharper Image. Great Work!” Fan us on facebook at Follow us on twitter at Contact us at our forums at