Current Version Version: 4.0.6
Author MapMyFitness
Price Free
Description ★ Read the reviews, we don't like to boast. ★ Simple to use, for all ages and ability levels. Ride and Workout Tracking and Logging: ⊕ Speed (Max, Avg) ⊕ Live Route Map ⊕ Distance ⊕ Calories ⊕ Elevation ⊕ Nutrition ⊕ Friends (live map, and activity feed) ⊕ Stats (Heart Rate, Speed & Cadence, Power - requires purchase of accessory) ⊕ Voice prompts give you updates on your progress as you go! Bragging (optional!): ⊕ Post your rides and records to Facebook and Twitter All of your info syncs securely with your free account on Head to to: ⊕ Search our database of over 26 million routes to discover new places to ride anywhere in the world. ⊕ Join sponsored challenges and WIN PRIZES (i.e. trips, iPads) just for riding. ⊕ Connect with our community of over 5 million fitness enthusiasts. Tips: ⊕ Turn off wifi before you start, to improve battery life and GPS accuracy. ♬ Play music! This app keeps tracking your ride in the background, so you can play your iPod, run Pandora or your favorite music app simultaneously. ♬ Be sure to visit us at for the full experience.

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