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Price $2.00
Description Quickly launch TomTom navigation software by pasting or typing an address from anywhere! You can enter text in any format, including both multiline and single line addresses. Or, for even faster text entry, paste an address from another app such as Maps, Mail, Contacts, or Text Messages. No more painstakingly entering a destination address one component at a time! ** This app REQUIRES a TomTom product be installed. Looking for a version that works with Navigon? Search for 'Navigon Now' in the App Store! ** Features: ✓ Launch TomTom and route to a destination WITHOUT the cumbersome and slow TomTom address interface ✓ Paste addresses from any app, including Maps, Contacts, Mail, or Text Messages ✓ Freeform address entry in ANY form including multi-line and single line entry ✓ Configurable "Favorites" and "Recents" lists to quickly route to frequent destinations ✓ Recognizes POIs (Points of interest) such as "Statue of Liberty" or "Grand Canyon" as well as Airport Codes ✓ "Auto Launch" feature launches TomTom automatically if an address is detected on the "pasteboard" (i.e. previously copied in another app) Bugs, feature suggestions, and emails containing delicious bacon can be sent to: We'd love to hear from you!