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Description ShapeUp Club is a food and exercise diary for iPhone & iPod Touch. Lose up to 2 lbs/week, or just keep track of your eating habits. ✓ Personalized weight plan ✓ Set individual weight & nutrition goals ✓ Ability to customize everything (such as daily calories & nutritional information) ✓ Track calories, nutrients, fruit & water ✓ Food database with 400 000+ items ✓ Track body measurements (waist, body fat, hips, arms etc.) ✓ Visible progress from charts ✓ Write daily comments ✓ Before and after photos ✓ Password protection ✓ ShapeUp Club is free and without ads ✓ Works without an Internet connection ✓ Complete backup and sync with website, WHY IS SHAPEUP CLUB BETTER THAN ITS COMPETITORS? A shining review from MacWorld tells you here: "I wouldn’t give this application such a shining review without seeing it in real world practice—using this application, a friend of mine was able to lose 35 pounds in a little more than 80 days. Using it myself, I was able to find nutritional holes in my diet very quickly. A quick spin through ShapeUp Club, and you’ll be amazed that you get this kind of functionality for free." Get shaped up with ShapeUp Club now!