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Description Food IQ is a searchable application with over 7200 foods featuring a built in daily meal, exercise, medication, blood glucose, and weight tracker. It includes almost any typical grocery item, as well as meals from major fast food chains. Just type in any keyword or description and in seconds, the results appear. Click on the result and the nutrition data is instantly displayed. The interface has been streamlined so you can record what you have eaten in seconds and get back to what you were doing.

Food IQ is not just for people trying to lose weight. With the ability to turn any nutrient on or off, you can customize the application to only show and track what you need. This is ideal for persons with high blood pressure, vegetarians, diabetics, and anyone else who needs to monitor their health.

The new interface in 3.0 also allows you to track your blood sugar as well as any medications you may be taking, making Food IQ the one application you will need to monitor all aspects of your health.

Version 3.0 has been completely rewritten. We have also finished our website at so you can sync your data to and from the device, giving you the ability to make changes on both the phone and the web and also giving you the piece of mind that your data is backed up.
Other features include:
• The ability to turn nearly any nutrient on/off so you only have to display and track what you want.
• Set the order nutrients are displayed in throughout the app.
• Set a target for any nutrient and see your daily progress toward those goals.
• Search while you type for fast food entry.
• Automatic nutrient calculation so you can see everything before you add a meal.
• The ability to edit any meal, custom food, or recipe
• New categories allow you to group meals together with a summary for each group
• Add or change any number of categories
• Over 2000 exercises have been added with automatic calorie calculation
• Add any additional exercise you want manually
• Track weight as often as you'd like throughout the day
• Track any number of medications you take and their dose when you take them
• Monitor your blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, ketones and temperature.
All medications and health records are shown in the same table according to time so you can see trends with regards to readings vs medications. And all readings allow notes to be saved with them as well.
• The interface has also been streamlined, giving you quick access to the information you want while saving all changes automatically to save you time entering information

Please email for information on tracking points. is being released with a 30 day free trial. You may signup for the trial directly from your iPhone or iPod touch. Please email with any questions.