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Description ■ IBIRD INVADES UK: NOT ANGRY - did you know there is a version of iBird for the United Kingdom and Ireland? See ■ 50% OFF SPRING SALE - SAVE $15 ON IBIRD PRO HD - NOW $14.99 ■ BUYER'S GUIDE TO BIRD APPS - THE TRUTH ABOUT IPHONE BIRDING APPS. FREE AT ■ "FORGET THE FIELD GUIDE. With iBird's app, newbie birders can narrow in on an avian ID simply by entering a bird's size and colors, its location, and the month. Bonus: The color illustrations would make Audubon proud." -Sunset Magazine, April 2011 ■ O'REILLY "BEST IPAD BIRDWATCHING APP 2010" Welcome to the newest member of the iBird Explorer family: iBird Pro HD, an interactive guide to the birds of North America and Hawaii. Designed specifically for the iPad, this product contains hand-drawn illustrations, beautiful photos, bird calls and comprehensive facts to help you identify and enjoy 924 North American bird species. We also include 16 birds endemic to Hawaii and 17 introduced species that aren't found anywhere else in the United States. ■ Don’t take our word for it. Check out this extensive review of iBird Pro HD. iBird Pro HD offers features impossible to find in a conventional field guide to birds, and it is the perfect learning tool for everyone with an interest in birding. With no need for an Internet connection, and all of the data right at your fingertips, you can make bird identification a fun activity at home, as well as any hike, camping trip or family vacation. In fact iBird Pro HD contains the same features found in our wildly popular iBird Explorer Pro field guide for the iPhone. Notable features of this app are: ■ MACWORLD'S "BEST REFERENCE APP 2009" ■ Over 1,300 24-bit color high resolution hand-drawn illustrations from professional artists. ■ 2,300 24-bit photos from respected expert photographers. ■ 5 hours of audio bird songs and calls from the Macaulay Library at the Lab of Ornithology. ■ Parameter-driven decision engine for quickly identifying birds by their shape, color, location, habitat, head pattern, flight pattern, bill shape, length attributes. Teaches you to think like an expert birder. ■ Attributes grouped into basic, song, flight, head, and pattern related areas. ■ Play bird songs and calls to attract birds right to your iPad for easier identification, clearer photographs and more enjoyment. (1) ■ Extensive identification, behavior, and habitat information, including everything from eye color, diet, breeding, egg color and more. ■ Full color range maps for every species. ■ Links to detailed Wiki pages and hundreds of Flickr photos for each bird. ■ Bookmark birds as favorites for fast access - use multiple favorite lists for keeping track of all your observations. ■ Time and date stamped Notes for each species also sync with iTunes for backup. ■ Lifetime updates to bird information. When you have more time on your hands, browse through the sumptuous illustrations, professional photographs and comprehensive expert birding facts. As a stand alone iPad app, iBird Pro HD does not require an Internet connection for access to the rich media information in its database. This does mean that the application is large, so please be patient when downloading from the iTunes app store. For further product comparison information, please visit us at I hope you find that iBird for iPad changes the way you look at your classic field guide forever. Some people have asked why it took so long for technology like iBird to evolve. The answer is the iPhone, and now the iPad, opened a door that has wanted to open for a long time. I believe you will soon be asking yourself "is this the future of field guides?" (1) If you use iBird in the field, please do so responsibly. We