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Description Dec 8th 2009: Apple picks B.iCycle as 8th place in the hit list "Best Apps of 2009" in Germany!!
B.iCycle is a next generation cyclometer for your iPhone!!

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New with V2.0.2:

- Full iOS4 and iPhone4 compatibility with multi tasking support
- Continuous Recording of your trip with the display turned off for up to 6 hours of battery life ("sleep mode" to be activated with the sleep button on top of the iPhone)
- Support for map zoom via multi-touch events (pinch) and highly improved map response and loading times
- New map type OpenCycleMap with highlighted bike paths, contour lines and biker POIs

B.iCycle provides all the information you need on the bike. Our stylish user interface combined with maximum ease of use create a new experience on the bike that beats an ordinary bike computer by far!


- Accurate values for current speed, average speed, maximum speed, total distance, trip distance, current altitude, climbed altitude, burned calories as well as trip time. Units can be set to US or metric.

- Watch your bike automatically move on the map and zoom in on your trail

- Receive your trips via email (KML und GPX) and review them at home (e.g., with Google Earth) or share them with other bikers. You can send the data after each ride or anytime later from your track history (e.g. when there is no cellular network available). For detailed analysis of your trips at home we recommend to upload your tracks to the portal at no charge.

- Suspend, pause, and resume for trips allows you to receive calls or take a break

- iPod function can be used together with B.iCycle

Based on countless test drives and refinement we calculate all values with maximum precision of the built in GPS. In contrast to standard cyclometers you do not have to calibrate B.iCycle to your bike. It just works - out of the box.

For the full experience we recommend to use a bike mount. "Bicycle Mount Pedestal with Swivel-head" from provides solid mounting as well as fair pricing.


A MAP! Including bike trails! Even offroad you will not get lost while biking: Somebody from the huge OpenStreetMap community has already been there and mapped the trail for you! A community of more than 150.000 people is constantly mapping bike trails around the globe!

B.iCycle stores map data that has been loaded once. That saves battery on the ride and allows you to preload the map when you are biking in an area with no cellular connection or abroad. Just browse the map at home in the area and zoom level that you desire and it will be there during the trip.

This really brings biking to the next level! B.iCycle makes perfect use of what the iPhone can do with GPS, connectivity and the amazing screen resolution.

And watching your tracks at home is more fun then ever, especially after a hard workout!


The B.iCycle user base is thrilled by the mapped bike trails and the intuitive and sleek UI. Now it's your turn! Our team is eager to get your feedback and implement cool new stuff. We have cool stuff in the pipeline and all future updates will be for free!


- iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone4 only (iPhone OS 3 and iOS4 supported)
- A bike ;-)


Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.