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Description PLEASE: Email me before you submit a negative review. I guarantee I will respond to questions and issues promptly and factually! For example, you DO NOT have to use the routes feature as a couple of negative reviewers have said.

NOTE: There is now help for each screen in Pace. Just tap the info button (upper left) to get details about each screen.

Pace is a running, walking, and jogging journal and log. It is very easy to use for both the occasional user as well as the serious runner. With it you can keep track of:

- New: Colorful high resolution graphing of your run stats across weekly, monthly, yearly, and all time.

- Optionally auto tweet (Twitter) each run so your family and friends can keep up on your running!

- Export runs to CSV for more advanced tracking and charting (in Excel, Numbers, etc) -- last 5 exports are privately stored on the Cychosis export server for you to download.- Runs: Distance, route, shoes used, pace, time, etc.

- Routes: Enter common routes (name, distance, notes, elevation gain, etc) to use to make entering common runs easier. Keeps track of number of runs per route, best time, and average pace.

- Goals: Set training or racing distance goals and track your progress against them.

- Shoes: Keep track of the miles (or kilometers) you've run on each pair of your shoes, as well as the number of runs and the average pace per pair.

- Filter your runs by current week, month, or year and easily navigate back to previous time periods (new!)

- See a summary of your performance for the current week, month, year, or all time, including number of runs, average pace, total distance and total time.

- You can set default shoes and goals to make entering a run very simple.

- Choose between metric and English units

I will be adding many features over the coming weeks and months, including many more statistics, graphing, etc.

Whether you're a racer, a casual runner, or just need to log your walking and jogging exercise for any reason, Pace will make easy, fast, and fun!