Current Version Version: 2.0
Author Magnus Enarsson
Price $2.00
Description Would you remember what to do if your father suddenly had a cardiac arrest or if your child chokes on a piece of meat?

Phone Aid® contains five real-time slideshows with clear, intuitive pictures and voice instructions that guide you through CPR and how to help a choking person when it really happens! Phone Aid® helps you remember what to do, in what order, and at what pace, all according to current American and European guidelines for lay rescuers. Just flick the instructions with your finger to repeat the previous or hurry to the next measure.

You will also get an A-Z First Aid guide where you will find simple, straight forward advice on how to initially handle the most common injuries and illnesses such as, drowning, convulsions, burn injury, snake bite etc. All occasions when you do not want to wait for help before starting first aid measures.

- 5 real-time slideshows with clear pictures and voice instructions.
- Covers CPR for infants, children and adults.
- Covers handling choking infants, children and adults.
- Covers both the American and the European versions of the recommendations for first aid.
- 27 A-Z First Aid guides covering the most common and urgent situations.
- Includes a button for direct dialing of your local emergency number.

Phone Aid® is not a substitute for a first aid CPR course, nor does it replace the need for calling medical services, but rather serves as a help starting first aid measures while waiting for them.

The first aid material in Phone Aid® is produced by Pontus Johansson, MD. He has taught CPR to laymen and hospital staff for many years, both nationally and internationally. Phone Aid® follows the American Heart Association guidelines and the European Resuscitation Council guidelines for lay rescuers. Please note that first aid guidelines can be slightly different in other countries and for professional rescuers. If you have questions about the guides presented in Phone Aid® please e-mail us at

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