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Description - Reviews - "UltraTimer by Plain and Simple Software is an ideal tool if you want to use your iPhone or iPod touch to keep you on track... UltraTimer is a simple but valuable tool for anyone who requires a flexible, hands-free event timer." - by Kyle Bailey, "Ultratimer: a must-have for interval training. ... Of the timers that I've tested, UltraTimer is my favorite. Its combination of ease-of-use and functionality make it the benchmark fitness timer app." - by Sang Tang, "So I purchased the UltraTimer app from the AppStore on my iPhone. It was the only purchased app I have that was worth it!" - by Casey, "...the other thing that I have come to love is my Ultratimer application on my iPod... the Ultratimer is a step beyond." - by Jennifer, "UltraTimer iPhone App Is EXACTLY What I’ve Been Looking For. ... I was worried that it might be difficult to use, but I found it incredibly easy and I was running with a program that only took me about five minutes to program, and that included recording the voice prompts." - by Laura Moncur, ----------------------------------- - Description - UltraTimer is an easy and convenient way of timing any activity or series of activities. It is now compatible with both iOS 3 and 4. You can set a single timer or multiple timers, each including series of count-down intervals that run back-to-back. Each interval can be customized to play a different alarm sound from the included library, as well as change the background color for visual feedback. It is easy to set up intervals for any activity: training (martial arts, boxing, mma, circuit training, interval training, Crossfit, HIIT / HIT, yoga, meditation, exercise, workout, cycling, running, etc), time management for switching between multiple projects, or anything else you can think of. For a complete workout, you can set up a Timer Group which will play individual timers back to back. Start out with your favorite Warm Up timer, then run through your favorite Training timer, and end with a Stretching timer. UltraTrainer will run you through your full workout automatically. The included sound library comes with a wide variety of reminder sounds suitable for relaxing timers, high intensity activities, and everything in between. Custom sounds can also be recorded via the microphone; you are not limited to the included sound library. Exclusive to our products, users can browse the Timer Exchange, a community where people freely exchange timers. Search, browse, and download timers that other users have uploaded. If you want, you can upload your own timers to share with others. If a friend also owns UltraTimer, you can exchange timers via a Wireless connection, e-mail, or the clipboard to use other methods. Using UltraTimer with music playing is not a problem. You can begin playing music on the timer screen, pause it, or skip to the next track. Just a few features in UltraTimer: - Timer Exchange community - Runs in the background - Duplicate timers - Copy/Paste Intervals and Actions - Delayed start time - Over 70 included sounds - Record your own sounds - Large portrait or landscape countdown timer display - Help system explains each option on the current screen - iPod music playback control lets you pause/play the current track or move to the next track from the countdown timer screen - Pause the timer to temporarily halt the activity - Timer is paused if it is interrupted and is restored when you come back into the App - Screen can be locked by the user and the timer will still run - Intuitive setup If you're looking for an App that coaches you as you train, check out "UltraTrainer." If you own UltraTimer, e-mail us about a free upgrade to UltraTimer H