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Bogged down by allergy and miss the outdoors? Cannot decide if your running nose is allergy or simply a cold?

The Pollen Journal brings local pollen forecasts to you (based on publicly available data and algorithms published in scientific papers)! It also helps you find out exactly which pollens you are allergic to by tracking your allergy symptoms over a period of time. Key features:

* Today's pollen level and predominant pollen type for any US zip code
* 3-day pollen level forecasts for any US zip code
* Auto-find your current location
* Log your symptoms for cross reference with pollen levels and types
* Log any other allergens and medications you take today
* Cross reference non-pollen allergens and medications with allergy symptom
* Edit past journal entries
* Simple reports on the pollen types you are allergic to
* All personal data stored on the device to protect privacy
* Offline use when network is not available

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Please note that the app only provides forecasts for zip codes in lower 48 states in the US (i.e., no Alaska and Hawaii coverage, sorry), and it is only for sale in the US app store. If you would like to see the app available in your country, please use the "Contact Us" link from the app's web site and tell us!