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Price $6.00
Description I've added nearly all of the most requested features to the Pro version including:
1. Changing the X/O size.
2. Saving and Emailing Plays.
3. Translucent Toolbar.
4. Optimized much of the existing drawing code.
5. Undo, available at last. (sorry for the delay)

PlayBoard is a coach's dream come true.
PlayBoard is a drawing application that allows coaches to explain individual player strategies and movement by drawing plays directly on the iPhone screen.

PlayBoard brings the locker room white board to the sidelines, and gives coaches and players the edge when it comes to making last minute or in-game adjustments.

PlayBoard features different views of the playing surface for:
Ice Hockey
...more playing surfaces will be added in the future.

As a youth league soccer coach, I wrote this application so that I could explain field movements and strategies to young children who are very visual learners. I quickly found that high school coaches were asking me if they could get a copy.

PlayBoard features fully adjustable pen width and color settings. As well as click and drop X's and O's.

Simply "triple tap" on any playing surface to activate the main toolbar (It will appear wherever you tap on the screen).

When you're all finished or want to start a new drawing, simply give PlayBoard a shake and you're ready to go again.

This application is a must for coaches, parents, players and even referees who might be training other referees on the field.

Remember: Triple tap for options and shake to erase.