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Description Advanced email reader with intelligent filing assistant. If you use email folders, you know that filing emails with your iPhone can be a time-consuming task. Because of this, most people don't bother with filing emails until they get back to a desktop at which time the sheer volume of emails can be daunting. eMailGanizer changes all that by allowing users to rapidly file emails on the go using the iPhone. eMailGanizer uses sophisticated technology that learns your prior filing behaviour so that it can present you with the folders most relevant to the email being filed. Stay organized quickly and easily by filing emails with a couple of taps. Additionally, eMailGanizer is a powerful email reader that provides integration with your task manager and the iPhone calendar. Get eMailGanized and get organized! Features include: Filing     ✓ File emails in seconds     ✓ Batch file emails to different folders     ✓ Shake-to-undo previous filing action     ✓ Batch deletes and moves     ✓ Fast access to recently used folders     ✓ File to favorite folders instantly     ✓ Search for destination folders by name     ✓ Support for traditional 'file by browsing' Integration     ✓ Add emails as events to iPhone Calendar     ✓ Add emails as tasks directly into Toodledo     ✓ Add emails as tasks to GTD & To-Do Apps:                  • OmniFocus              • Firetask                  • Appigo                     • Things                  • The Hit List Folders     ✓ Add, move, rename, & delete email folders     ✓ Find folders by searching     ✓ Mark folders as Favorites for priority access     ✓ Quick scrolling through folder list     ✓ Off-line operation for later synchronization     ✓ Inboxes & contexts on separate tab More     ✓ Offline full-text email search.     ✓ @Context folder awareness     ✓ Email threading with conversation view     ✓ Landscape support for all screens     ✓ Extensive configuration options Privacy:     • eMailGanizer stores all of your emails and account information on your phone. All email related communication is performed between your phone and your email account. All processing and email classification is done on your phone. eMailGanizer does NOT transmit any information or do any sort of processing on our own servers. Compatability:     • eMailGanizer does NOT work with Comcast.     • eMailGanizer does NOT work with POP.     • eMailGanizer WORKS with any IMAP account.     • eMailGanizer WORKS with Gmail, Yahoo, AOL,        MobileMe, Hotmail, Rackspace, & most Exchange        servers. Setup:     • Since eMailGanizer needs to learn your filing behaviours, the initial setup can take a while. A setup wizard will lead you through the process of entering your account information and the downloading will begin when that process is complete. For best results, you should be on a WiFi network. Differences with ad-supported version     • The Pro version of eMailGanizer does not show any advertisements or use analytics. This allows for bigger email previews, the ability to view more folders at a time, and better network and app performance. Support     • Please contact us for any & all support issues. If you are not completely satisfied with our app, we are happy to provide you with a full refund. If you’re ready for a smarter way to handle email viewed on your iPhone, then Get eMailGanized today!