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Authorities have shown that focusing on and learning better breathing techniques can have a profound influence on our health and well-bring. Breathing properly is an integral part of yoga. We present some specific yoga-type breathing rhythms for you to follow. Proper breathing practices are also an integral part of many current relaxation therapies such as the medical hypnosis.

Focusing on your internal world as you breathe properly will help your body go into a predominantly autonomic state of functioning. We call that going onto AUTONOMIC PILOT™. In that state, your Autonomic Nervous System can best look after your body’s health and well-being, and can use all of its energy most efficiently. Your mind can be freed of the mind-clutter that can sap your energy. After just a short period of being on AUTONOMIC PILOT™ you should feel refreshed and relaxed.

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) controls our internal environment. It controls everything that happens inside our bodies. It keeps us alive. It keeps us healthy. When we are ill or injured it controls our healing.

The ANS does all of these things without us being conscious of it. The ANS has its own consciousness. It is self-aware. It has its own power or energy - this is AUTONOMIC POWER™.

Our consciousness is mainly concerned with the ‘outside world’ and how we relate to it. The more our consciousness concerns itself with the outside world, the more some of that AUTONOMIC POWER™ is drained away from looking after our health and well-being.

There are times when focusing on the outside world is important, and other times when focusing on the outside world is counterproductive. It is helpful for our health and our well-being and our ability to function mentally and physically to take regular breaks from the stress and ‘mind-clutter’ of the outside world. This removes the drain on our AUTONOMIC POWER™ and helps us to focus internally and helps us go onto AUTONOMIC PILOT™. When we do this it relaxes our minds and energizes our bodies.

By going onto AUTONOMIC PILOT™ for even a short while, we help our ANS recharge. This frees our minds of clutter, and helps us to feel and function better.

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