Author Many Tricks
Price $2.00

Desktop Curtain is a simple tool to hide the clutter on your desktop. It's perfect for teachers, presenters, writers, developers, and anyone else that hates clutter and/or needs to take screenshots with clean background images.

◉ New in 2.1: Launch at login (optional), hide and show via global hot key, show or hide settings panel at launch, control interaction with Exposé ◉

Why waste time moving files and folders on and off of your desktop when Desktop Curtain can make things look spotless in a jiffy?

Desktop Curtain lets you set images via drag-and-drop or the standard file dialog, and it will remember your 10 most-recently-used images.

You can also control at what "level" the image floats (and hence, how much stuff it covers), and whether it affects all monitors or just one (the same for Spaces, too).

Desktop Curtain also runs in three modes, including a fully-invisible mode perfect for those who take screenshots.