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Description •••••••FREE FROM FRIDAY 13th - SUNDAY MAY 15th - APP FRIDAY PROMOTION FROM MOM'S WITH APPS!!!••••••• A beautifully designed Alphabet ABC learning app for kids and their parents! Kids learn their ABCs and animal together. Kids love it for its fun, parents love it for its clean design and attention to detail. Macworld review 4 out of 5 Mice!!! “Packed full of wonderful design, humor and learning this is by far the best ABC app on the iTunes App store to date. - 
App Features: • Large buttons, easy for small hands to navigate • Alphabet pronunciation by adult and child voices. • Calm, pleasing animations 
• Original artwork and illustrations.  
• Animal sound effects and more!
 • Funny, simple dialogue keeps kids engaged and wanting to learn more.
 • Upper and lower case letters with sounds. • No Internet connection required.

It gets better!

✓ Educational – Kids learn their alphabet and animals…and animal noises! 
✓ Stylish - Clean modern design!
 ✓ Lively interaction – Click any letter or image and see what happens! 
 ✓ Hidden jokes for parents – Family Friendly of course!
 ✓ Mama, I can play by myself! - Age appropriate interface and design!

 ************** Educational fun for children aged 1 –4******************** 

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 Here’s what people are saying about ABC Expedition!
 I lovvvvvvvvve it!!!!! Fabulous design, love the animation, I even laugh at the tone of the voices, the choices of animals…it’s perfect!.  was playing with it long after my kid was falling asleep!”
 “Overall the design, colouring, drawing style and animation are great! I love the various ways each word is said - including the second voice.”
- Ken 

“Beautiful design. My baby must have this!”
“The Illustrations are amazing and really fun!”
- Mike  

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 ************** Know issues************** • Some users have experienced a bug where the Captain character's voice will play over other sounds. Quitting the app, or Removing the Application from the Recents List seems to solve the issue temporally. • It is intentional that navigation is suspended while the animations play out. Some users have commented negatively on this feature, however, most users prefer this function as it helps to maintain a sense of calm interaction/play. We'd love to hear your thoughts. If any other issues occur, please contact support at Thanks for your visit!

 As Captain Wallace would say, “jolly good!”

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