Current Version Version: 1.3
Author Sky Balloon
Price $1.00
Description With Canned, you can create text message templates and/or set recipients for easier, quicker and safer texting. It's as easy as: 1. Launch 2. Select 3. Send === WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING "4 out of 5 mice" "This is a home screen app for sure." -Patrick Rhone ( "I used to have a folder in Pastebot for these types of texts, but Canned is much better suited for the task. The app is simple and blazing fast." -Shawn Blanc ( === USE CANNED FOR - Precomposed text messages - Group text messages - Quick responses when you can't take a call - Sending regular text messages easily - Complimenting Apple's built-in Messages app - Great design that doesn't burn your retinas - Keeping your eyes on the road instead of composing text messages* While other apps have the same function(s), none are as simple and quick as Canned. === * DISCLAIMER We do not advocate operating your iPhone while driving or in control of machinery known to cause death or injury.

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