Current Version Version: 1.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Reza Pekan
Price $1.00
Description THE VIOLIN HAS FINALLY ARRIVED AND NOW CAN BE DOWNLOADED ON YOUR IPAD! - Amazing Picture HD Graphics - Excellent Sound - Easy Controls - So Many Sounds - 5 IN 1!
 - Each Option is Different! 
 - ONLY $0.99! OPTIONS *********** ☞ Default Violin ☜ Regular amazing HD and easy to use violin ☞ Violin ☜ Different Violin style then the default ☞ Zoom ☜ Very simple and very efficient , on of the easiest ways to play the violin on your iPad. ☞ Full ☜ You are presented with a full view of a violin you see every part of the violin and are able to play it. ☞ Strumming ☜ This is a extraordinary options!!!! As you move the bow with the hep of your finger as the bow touches the strings it releases sounds! You can have the feel of a real violin. ☞ Settings ☜ Able to play metronome ( Beats in the background ) and also you can adjust the violin volume (to your satisfaction) ********************** Each option has a bow, what this bow is when you tap on a string the bow will follow your every move, and you are able to drag around the bow with the help of your finger. NOTE: Plug in to Headphones Or Amplifiers for better sound clarity You Will Not Regret Buying this!