Current Version Version: 1.01
Author OOO Gameprom
Price $1.00
Description +++ WAR PINBALL IS OUT !!! +++ BRAND NEW PINBALL GAME WITH THREE UNIQUE TABLES FOR YOUR IPHONE AND RETINA. CHECK THE APP STORE NOW! ---- We’ve breathed new life into the good old genre of space scroller. These breathtaking landscapes of dazzling beauty of Universe are worth seeing even for those who has never been at the controls of the spaceship. And if you are an experienced ace, well… Five unique missions and innumerable armada of enemies are waiting for you. ✭FEATURES✭ ✔ 5 unique worlds with 4 levels per each ✔ 5 seriously dangerous bosses ✔ More than 20 types of hostile targets ✔ One spaceship and fantastic armament able to be upgraded ✔ Interactive landscapes ✔ Amazing music and sound ✔ Support of Game Center Magnetar Space Fighter is a new wave in an old genre. Don’t miss it! Also don't forget to check our brand new game - "CRIMSONWORLD" and "CRIMSONWORLD HD" for iPhone, iPad, Mac!

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