Current Version Version: 1.1
Author Johnny Ixe
Price Free
Description The most powerful and precise weapon against data overage charges! DataMan monitors and manages your data usage in real time, closely tracking your data activities. No other apps come close to DataMan for its precision. Plus, receive alerts the moment you exceed your usage thresholds. The technologies and features in DataMan help you make smarter decisions to manage consumption and save money. ● Precisely track your monthly data usage for cellular (3G/EDGE/GPRS) and Wi-Fi. ● Get alerts when you exceed your usage thresholds. ● 4 levels of usage thresholds for you to customize to suit your data plan. ● Works all over the world with all carriers. No login is required to your carrier's website. ● Easy setup. Set your bill start date and data allowance, and you're done. Get MUCH MORE in the Full Version: ★ Precisely track your daily, weekly and monthly data usage. You can view your usage across different days, even drilling down to see the hourly details. ★ Get alerts the moment you exceed your usage thresholds, without having to open DataMan. Let the world's most advanced real time data usage manager help you stop overage charges. ★ Geotag your data activities and view them on a map. You can zoom in on the map to see the time and usage for certain places. Very useful when you travel and roam. ★ 4 levels of usage thresholds and 3 data allowances (daily, weekly and monthly) for you to customize to suit your data plan. Notes: ● DataMan works with all iOS 4 devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. ● No app can know your past data usage before installation. DataMan starts logging your usage after it's installed on your iPhone. Therefore, you'll initially see zero usage amount. Help: Visit our website for Support or contact We can't respond to your review in App Store as we don't have your email.

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