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Description Restaurant and menu info for all restaurants in Disneyland Parks covering Disneyland and California Adventure. FEATURES ✓ Full dining menus for Disneyland restaurants ✓ Restaurant info like location, description, photo, and more ✓ Search by restaurant name or location ✓ Organize a dining schedule with your reservations and plans ✓ Email your dining schedule to others ✓ Export/Import dining schedule via Email ✓ Mark your favorite restaurants ✓ See restaurants nearest to your GPS position ✓ Call the Dining Priority Seating number (iPhone only feature) ✓ Works with VoiceOver Accessibility for the blind ✓ No network connection required ✓ Free app updates to get new menus and new features Visit for more. Try our other Disney apps such as Disney World Dining or Disneyland Maps. Search for VersaEdge or click on VersaEdge Software in iTunes.