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Description We built the to-do list manager we knew we would love. We think you will too! Wasabi is the to-do list app that you'll actually use! It has all the important features to help you capture, organize, and execute the stuff you need to do: ★ Rapid capture of new to-dos from virtually any screen in the app. ★ Organize to-dos by project, goal, or location. ★ Prioritize your to-dos by dragging them and sorting them. ★ Free Over-the-air Synchronization - Keep your to-dos up to date on multiple devices, and protect your data from loss. ★ Get notified of to-dos when you are close to a location with active tasks. ★ Create Quicklists™ - fast lists of things to do that you create like editing a note. ★ Set projects, goals, or tasks as your "Focus" allowing you to focus on a single project and line up your ducks and shoot 'em. ★ Share your to-dos with your family or coworkers: PERFECT for honeydo lists! ★ Change your mind! Convert projects to tasks, tasks to projects and so on. ★ Beautiful user experience. What Wasabi doesn't have is clutter. Just a clean, beautiful, efficient app that you'll actually use, because there's nothing getting in your way. We think Wasabi will be the to-do list that finally *sticks* for you.