Current Version Version: 1.5
Author Powen Ko
Price $1.00
Description MyGasWars : Where is the cheapest Gas at ? MyGasWars includes data from Gas Price Watch that has the best and most up to date gas price data on the Web. It includes not only the major gas stations but also mom and pop and Gas Stations that only take cash as well as credit cards. Version 1.4 of MyGasWars has been completely rewritten from the ground up to be a native iPhone Application instead of the previous versions which were Web applications. We have been able to improve the performance and reliability considerably over the previous versions. The previous versions were also user supported in that the users provided the data and updates directly through the app. We now get the data directly from Gas Price Watch and this requires that we now charge for the App. Also we no longer provide the ability to directly update the data from within the app but you can update the data on the Gas Price Watch site. By pressing the right arrow button for any of the annotations you will be taken to the Gas Price Web Site for updating prices from the iPhone if you wish. In version 1.4 of MyGasWars we are concentrating on providing just one function and that is; where is the cheapest gas in my immediate vicinity and how far is it. This will allow us to become the best at providing this function to our users. You have the ability to do some filtering of the displayed data and there is more to come in future versions. The filtering capability includes R (Regular), M (Mid Grade), P (Premium), D (Diesel) and E(E85). Only the Gas Stations that have the grade that you selected are shown on the map. The station that is closest to your current location and has the cheapest price is immediately shown with its callout that provides the Price, distance from your current location, name of the gas station and approximate age of the data. The age of the data can be determined in the following manner. A Green smiley indicates that the data is less than 24 hours old. An Orange grimace indicates that the data is more than 24 hours old but less than 48 hours old. If the data is more than 48 hours old than a red frown smiley is shown on the callout. For each gas station that has the grade of gas that you selected in the filter criteria, a stick pin is put on the map. A green stick pin indicates the cheapest price. A red stick pin is for all other gas stations. And a purple stick pin indicates your current location. You can tap on any of the stick pins to show the callout for that Gas station. It will show you the same information as described previously such as the approximate age of the data, the price of the selected grade, the name of the Gas station and the approximate distance from your current location to the Gas Station. The filtering criteria can be reached by tapping the information icon. Once you get there you can choose to filter by All Gas Stations or a particular kind. For the Gas Grades you can choose to filter by Regular, Mid Grade, Premium or Diesel. If you don't choose to filter by a particular gas station then All is assumed. If you don't choose a particular grade of gasoline then Regular is assumed. While the best effort possible is made to keep the prices up to date there is no guarantee that MyGasWars will have the latest most current price. Individual gas stations can and do update their prices more than once a day. Also there is no way for us to update ALL the prices every day. If you do find a price that is incorrect please go to the Gas Price Watch web site and update the price directly. Keep in mind that your update may not appear in the MyGasWars app for 12 hours or more.

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