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Description Transform your iPhone into an indispensable companion for choosing, evaluating, managing and enjoying wine. •• 1355 NEW WINE REVIEWS JUST ADDED Aug 2010 •• •• Thousands added each month ••• SELECT WINES WITH CONFIDENCE Imagine having a team of experts with you every time you select a bottle of wine. With over 20 years and 86,000 authoritative reviews written by our expert team at Wine Enthusiast Magazine you can rest assured the right bottle is just a few taps away. We seamlessly add thousands of professional reviews each month which provide honest insight into new releases and selected older wines. Live data access ensures that each time you connect you have access to the latest information* Unlike other applications which aggregate wine entries with significantly varying degrees of accuracy and completeness, the Wine Enthusiast guide provides unparalleled consistancy to its rating and review system. TO DRINK OR NOT TO DRINK The next time a restaurant substitutes a vintage, reach for the Wine Enthusiast Guide. Evaluate the maturity and quality ratings for 113 regions/wine styles over the past 17 years. IMPROVE YOUR WINE KNOWLEDGE Quickly look up the definitions to over 1,400 terms that cover all aspects of wine appreciation. WINE APPRECIATION COURSE TO GO The Wine Enthusiast Guide includes 20 illustrated tutorials that have been specifically designed to help unlock the secrets of wine. Each lesson has integrated links to online content so you can further explore hundreds of wine topics. *Buying Guide details require 3G/Wi-Fi access