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Description Make quick and accurate identification of the birds around you with the intuitive and simple to use Peterson Guide to Backyard Birds. Now with 180 birds (nearly 50% more than in previous versions), and search functions by name or family, this app for your iPhone or iPod Touch can help you easily identify more of the birds you see regularly - whether overwintering, breeding or migrating through. Thanks to our many customers who told us what they wanted, this latest upgrade has a number of new features including a robust line-up of common and not so common birds in the area you select and search functions. Whether you want to identify birds at your feeder or the ones you see on a trip, you will find the authoritative Peterson images, range maps and full text about each bird and informational text for families of all the birds in the app taken directly from the latest edition of the best-selling Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America. Plus there are brilliant crystal clear bird calls for each bird as well as a way to filter the list of birds to find those in the geographic area you want. And, our popular quizzes - of either sounds or sounds and images – help you hone your bird identification skills and quickly master the ability to identify birds by sight and sound. Use the search function to look for a bird by name or look for them by family group. Each family header has information about the birds in that group, and you can add each bird you see to your own personal checklist. With this intuitive and easy to navigate app, your list will grow quickly!

Here’s what you get:
• NEW MORE BIRDS! 180 popular birds found in the continental US
• Peterson bird images with Peterson Identification System arrows pointing to key field marks –pinch to make them bigger for greater detail
• Beautifully recorded birdsongs and calls for every bird
• Peterson range maps - pinch to enlarge
• NEW! Peterson’s full descriptive text for each bird and general information for every included family.
• NEW! Search birds by name or by family
• Quizzes using the birdsongs and Peterson art to help you identify birds by both their songs and by sight, including scores and correct answers
• Personal checklist to keep track of all the birds you have seen
• Filter the list of birds in the app by geographic area so you can choose from the most commonly found birds in that area, making identification a breeze. Just select any area in the continental U.S. by touching the map OR the 1st two numbers of a zip code, and see commonly found birds in, overwintering, nesting and migrating through that area.
• NEW! Register your app, explore and stay up to date on all our products for iPhone and iPod Touch directly from the app
• NEW! Tell your friends about the app

”Roger Tory Peterson was an innovator, as evidenced by the publication of his groundbreaking Field Guide to the Birds in 1934. If he were a young birder today, he surely would have been at the forefront of birding technology, embracing the digital possibilities available to us now," says Lisa White, director of guidebooks at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing. "His mission was to educate as many people as possible about nature, and the availability of his work on a mobile platform through Wildtones serves to further that goal and carry on his legacy."


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