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Description One of Wired magazine’s best apps of 2011, lauded by The NY Times, Gizmodo, and many others, The Atavist offers a new kind of nonfiction storytelling. Each of our stories, which are longer than a typical magazine article but shorter than a typical book, is reported and written by skillful, award-winning nonfiction authors and comes with a full audiobook, video, maps, timelines, interactive graphics, and much more. Download The Atavist app for free, and then buy each issue individually, inside the app. Each issue of The Atavist consists of one longform story, designed specifically for the iPad and iPhone. Half of our royalties go directly to the writers. From the tale of a bar in Baghdad, to a Hollywood producer’s quest to recover his mind after a horrible accident, to a writer’s journey through his own family’s past, to the incredible account of one of the world’s most audacious heists, The Atavist offers original true stories that you won’t find anywhere else. Features include: *Audiobook versions read by the author; alternate between reading and listening *Audio, video, photo, and animation chapters that work seamlessly within the story *Smart timelines, maps, interactive graphics, and character profiles that help keep you oriented in the story but don't spoil future plot twists *A visual table of contents and full search for each story *Musical soundtracks, audio and video clips, primary documents, and a host of other elements built directly into the story We welcome your feedback. Please contact us at if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions for us. You can learn more about The Atavist at:, and on Twitter we’re @theatavist.