Current Version Version: 1.1.0 (924)
Author Georgia Tech Research Corporation
Price Free
Description The Argon Augmented Reality Browser is the first AR Internet browser. Based on open web standards, the Argon browser moves the Internet off your desktop and into the world around you. Argon downloads AR experiences from Argon-enabled web sites; links to example sites are available in the applications bookmarks. Visit the Argon developer site to see how to create your own AR-enabled web site. A getting started guide is available on the Argon website *** For best results we recommend an iPhone4 for the current version of Argon. Argon requires input from a variety of iOS device sensors including the camera, gyroscopes, compass, and accelerometers. Because of this we don't recommend using Argon on devices without these sensors. Following the same development model as a traditional web browser, Argon is designed to allow rapid development and deployment of Web 2.0 style AR content. Argon uses a combination of two of the most broadly used markup languages, HTML and KML, to allow a developer to define a channel of augmented reality content delivered from a standard web server. This powerful combination allows easy authoring and hosting of interactive AR content, with complete control over the presentation and interactivity experienced by the user. Augmented reality experiences can be designed using existing web technologies, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Just about anything that can be presented in the iPhone's Safari web browser can be pushed out into 3D in the world around the user.