Current Version Version: 1.2
Author Quang Anh Do
Price $3.00
Description Cyberspace is a universal web browser for the iPhone and iPad, optimized specifically for the purpose of discovering, reading and sharing. ---------------------------------------- FEATURES ---------------------------------------- ✔ DuckDuckGo-powered DuckBar™ Google Suggestions, access to 750+ site-specific search engines, and tons of other goodies ✔ Zero visual distractions Ad blocking, Text-only mode, Readability bookmarklet and shutup.css integration ✔ Fits in your workflow Integrates with TextExpander, Pastebot, Delibar, and OmniFocus. Supports Markdown syntax ✔ Instapaper integration Access to your Unread items right at your finger tip ✔ Share to your heart's content Send links, images or text to Instapaper, Read It Later, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous, Delicious, Pinboard, Zootool, Evernote, and Google Reader ✔ Local & Online bookmarks Access to local bookmarks with tagging and extensive bookmarklet support. Rapidly import thousands of bookmarks into Cyberspace using iTunes File Sharing Online bookmarks saved on Delicious, Pinboard, and Zootool are all available from the same pane ✔ Zero-click info from DuckDuckGo Learn about anything you come across within two taps. You don't even have to leave the current page ✔ Gestures, gestures, gestures Quicker access to frequently used features ✔ Bump to share Bump your devices together to share current link between them ✔ External-URL-aware Detect link from other apps in clipboard. Launch Cyberspace right from another browser by prefixing any link with the letter 'c' ✔ No data lock-in Any data you put into Cyberspace can be exported whenever you want ✔ Reading queue Find something interesting. Queue it. Finish reading the current page before moving to the next item in queue Works perfectly with Wikipedia, reddit, Hacker News, Tumblr Dashboard, top-1000-something blog posts and the like ✔ Scratchpad Quickly jot down ideas and store random information you found on the web for your own purpose. Support both TextExpander and Markdown syntax ---------------------------------------- NOTABLE RECOGNITION ---------------------------------------- "[Cyberspace] packs so many features that $2 is worth the time you’d save trying to set up mobile Safari to emulate even half of its functionality. If you do a lot of reading on the web, or even just a lot of mobile browsing and sharing via social networks, then Cyberspace is an absolute must-buy." — The Apple Blog "[Cyberspace] is jam packed with useful and thought-out features not found in Safari." — Shawn Blanc "If you're looking for a really powerful browsing experience on your iPhone or iPad, look no further than Cyberspace" — Life Hacker "Cyberspace isn't so much about adding new features as it is about changing the way the user approaches the browser. [...] It’s a different workflow, but with these limitations works flawlessly." - Smoking Apples "This time, more features mean less clutter and easier ways to read and share online." — iPhone App Storm "A great example of how to improve an app not by adding stupid features but removing stuff." — Michael from MoApp Software Manufactory ---------------------------------------- SUPPORT ---------------------------------------- Feel free to contact me at @cyberspaceapp or for all the issues you have.

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