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Description Cabenga is riding along the plains on her trusty steed Poto, when a nasty mishap befalls her. The pair are separated, and must avoid many beasties in order to be reunited. GDC2010 GammaIV "One Button Game" Winner comes to handheld! Features Neverending Mode exclusive to iOS devices, as well as Original Mode and online high scores table. Voted Edge Magazine Internet Game of the Month for July 2010 ----------- "Poto & Cabenga is one well-made game, with an interesting and addictive gameplay which is bound to even hook the most ardent fans of distance games on the iOS platform." - 4.5/5 "One of the most innovative sidescrollers on the App Store." - 4/5 "simple, yet challenging" - Creative "addictive and mind-bendingly tricky" - "There is nothing I can say that is bad about this game, controls are perfect and work great to make the game difficult, whilst immersing the player in the game." - 8/10 "really enjoyable stuff." - "Just amazing." - Dentsu London "I can fairly safely say [iOS] feels like this was it’s intended home all along." - "British illustrator, Richard Hogg has created a vivid world of both contrasting and harmonising colours, the result being something which looks similar to Sony’s Patapon yet feels more endearing." - 7/10 The Sixth Axis