Current Version Version: 1.11
Author Infinite Skills Inc.
Price Free
Description This Infinite Skills video viewer app gives you immediate access to an impressive library of software training. Covering everything from Microsoft Office to Adobe and Autodesk essentials, the real-time tutorials cover hundreds of valuable tasks and techniques. Because each tutorial video is only a few minutes long, the convenient video format allows quick instruction suitable for almost any schedule. Now that you can watch on your mobile devices, learning software skills has never been easier. Infinite Skill presents both beginner and advanced titles for everything from 3D modeling and animation to video editing, business tools and web design. Mobile app-based instruction is the latest way to teach yourself technology, and it can be the perfect complement to full computer courses and self-study. Whether you want to master the essentials of MS Excel or push your way through PHP, this convenient app provides just what you need to get started. With practical, example-based lessons from the world's leading experts and authors, training from Infinite Skills offers one of the best ways to learn. With a growing catalog of computer-based courses, it's a perfect resource for users from almost any background or industry. All tutorials can be viewed via WiFi or 3G.

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