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****** HUGE Grill Guide 2.0 Update *******

We have added so much to this round we don't know where to start. So, ... ... let's start here.

1) We've added a 7th food group. FRUIT! Everything from peaches to blueberries, Mango to Pineapple. Caramelize your fruits and enjoy!

2) We have added grill temperatures to you know exactly what a High, medium, or low grill temperature means.

3) TONS OF COOKING INFO! With now over 100 different foods to cook, we have added very specific tips on how to cook each food.

OH! it's gonna taste SO GOOD!!

Enjoy Grill Guide 2.0!!!!


Imagine yourself standing in front of your barbeque with a beautiful Rib-eye Steak in hand. Now what?

When you have dadoo’s Grill Guide from the App Store, all those questions will be answered.
Pick your food, we’ll help you measure thickness, and then tell you how long to grill it, at what temperature and whether it’s direct or indirect heat. We’ll even let you invite us over for dinner.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get grillin’!

Grill Guide Features:

•7 Different Food Groups - Red Meat, Poultry, Pork, Lamb, Fish, Vegetables and now fruit.

•Over 100 different Foods (and more to come) - From Ground beef to Pork Chops, Fennel to Pumpkins, Pineapple to Blueberries. We have tons of food to choose from. If we’ve missed something you like, just let us know and we’ll add it.

•Size / Time / Temp - You pick the food, then pick the size or amount, and we’ll tell you the rest. How long to grill it, if it should be on high, medium or low and whether it should be direct or indirect heat.

•Meat Ruler - Place your meat on the counter and put your iPhone down next to it vertically. Now start measuring. For thinner cuts turn your iPhone horizontally.

•Grill Tips - A "how-to" walk through of every single food. Suggestions all the way to directions.

Forget the cookbook, it’s in your pocket.

“Get grillin’ with dadoo’s Grill Guide”

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