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Description "It's the next best thing to hiring a designer or having an assistant.” - Apartment Therapy "Save yourself from failed room rearranging (wow, that chair was bigger than it looked!) with this handy app" - Good Housekeeping, AMAZING APPS "The preferred digital assistant for home decor—4.5 out of 5 stars" - Mac|Life "You can snap pics of fabric, flooring, & finishing inspirations you come across on your décor field trips & insert them onto the floor plans." - Wendy Wong, "This app helped me show my husband my 'thinking outside the box' and we will now have a bistro eat-in kitchen!" - MOC user *WORKS IN ENGLISH OR METRIC MEASUREMENT SYSTEM* DEMO VIDEO: CONTACT US ANYTIME: Ever had a difficult time carrying out your design? Wish you had known the sofa wouldn't fit through the door in the first place? Or have you ever been to a showroom or home store & wish you had been able to instantly see how a fabric pattern or finish might have worked in your living space? Well now with this easy-to-use app, designing & space planning your rooms is like having a personal product showroom with an on call interior designer right at your fingertips! Created by interior designer Mark Lewison, Mark On Call™ for the Apple® iPhone & iPod Touch, lets the interior design professional, their clients—& do-it-yourselfers alike—plan, preview & carry out their design visions while staying organized & within budget. Based on Mark's home decorating book, "What Would You Do With This Room?", the Mark On Call™ app is a serious tool for the professional & serious fun for anyone that loves to build & design models or play dollhouse. Through experimentation, you can solve design problems within your existing space…or simply create your fantasy dream rooms. With the Mark On Call™ application, you can: ● Become a self-confident designer by creating & implementing detailed visual plans ● Design for how you live by using the space programming checklist ● BACKUP, PUBLISH, and EASILY TRANSFER room designs to other iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices, create room templates & COLLABORATE with other designers, clients, friends, family, and MOC users ● Custom SIZE, PLACE, & LOCK multiple architectural, living, dining, bed, bath, kitchen, & generic room elements for intricate virtual planning ● Save CUSTOM ROOM PIECES for use in all your floor plans ● Take pictures of actual finishes, fabrics, rugs, & flooring from your favorite manufacturers & "SKIN" them onto ANY item or surface in your room using your iPhone camera or images from your photo library ● Access the Mark On Call™ Presets Palette offering pre-loaded color, pattern, wood, & stone options; apply our user-friendly color wheel; easily add your own; or IMPORT custom colors & patterns other MOC users share in the new Rooms Gallery ● Instantly measure any two points in your room with our precision touch CROSSHAIRS MEASURE TOOL ● Make & share detailed SHOPPING LISTS in your local currency to help with buying decisions ● Add "EYELINER" to your room for eye-catching flair that will make your design pop in real life ● Apply Mark's TEN COMMANDMENTS OF INTERIOR DESIGN to your living space with our room checkout feature ● In app “import” feature lets you download published room designs & custom colors created by other Mark On Call™ users ● Multi-dimensional wall design feature to create infinite angles, recesses, & irregular floorplan features ● Room background color option to represent wall paint or wallpaper Whether you are a professional interior designer searching for a tool that helps you conceptualize, design, store & shop for a client; or just a daydreamer planning your fantasy living space, Mark On Call™ lets you realize your vision…all