Current Version Version: 1.0.1
Author 100MC
Price $5.00
Description Not all apps needs to be killer.
Were happy to bring you one that is living.

Plant a tree in iPhorest!

Please visit before your purchase this app to understand why it costs $4.99. Learn how iPhactory, Ecolife, The Conservation Fund and other iPhoresters are helping the environment. (Lumberjacks need not apply...)


"This commitment by iPhactory and The Conservation Fund will help replenish our forests." - Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal


Ecolife and IPhactory are pleased to launch iPhorest. Download the app, plant a tree.

- Once you've downloaded the app you can virtually grow
your tree
- Dig a hole: shovel and scoop with your iPhone until your
seedling appears
- Touch the seed to plant the seedling
- Shake your phone to create a storm and when the sun comes your tree begins to grow
- Repeating this 6 times enables your tree to reach full growth
- Share your tree growth at any stage with others by pressing
the share button to email them
- Grow another tree in the forest view screen by clicking on the shovel
- Go up to see all of the other iPhorest users. Help green the Earth - the app places a dot where you first launch iPhorest.

To commemorate the development of iPhorest, Ecolife Apparel worked directly with The Conservation Fund at this year's TED 2009 conference, to plant 2,200 trees--one for each attendee. Ecolife is an all cotton collection of underwear and casual apparel that conserves energy by reducing energy in the wash and dry cycles. The collection is overseen by Nick Graham, formerly Chief Underpants Officer of Joe Boxer.

For more info, please visit,, and

(If you were searching for iForest, you've come to the right place.)

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