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Description The Recipe Box turns your iPad into the perfect kitchen companion so you can create, display, and manage your very own recipes. Your recipes will look fantastic — as if they came straight out of a printed cookbook. The Recipe Box has the features you want while cooking, and nothing you don't need that would distract. You can add notes while cooking, and easily track the current step simply by tapping it. Dim ingredients after you've assembled them — in multiple recipes. Use convenience features in the recipe header, or hide it to see more directions. You can quickly switch between several recipes, if you’re preparing them for a single meal, for instance. The Recipe Box makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, even if you’ve forgotten the details of a recipe. Cross-referencing under several separate categories lets you find a recipe by course, cuisine, season, and more. Or use the powerful search bar to find a recipe with one or more ingredients. Keep track of your faves with a simple rating and bookmarking system. You can share your recipes via elegantly-formatted email, and create a shopping list. Who would have thought entering your recipes could be fun and enjoyable? With The Recipe Box, it’s as copy and paste from mom’s email. Or use The Recipe Box keyboard to quickly enter fractions, measures, and more. Tag your recipe with our categories, or create your own. The Recipe Box was developed by foodies who love their iPad and wanted to transform it into a 21st-century cooking tool. We’re super excited to help you get your grandma’s recipes into a quickly-sorted, easily shared format that can’t be misplaced, covered in stains, or catch on fire. We've also included more than 20 of our favorite family recipes. Key Features Beautiful Graphics • Focus on ingredients and instructions with no-distractions cook layout • Switch easily between multiple recipes while tracking the current step • Highlight steps in the directions with a tap • Dim ingredients as you're done with them • Buttons as sweet as syrup Powerful Management • Search for multiple ingredients in powerful search bar • Keep a bookmarks list and instantly track history • Rate recipes • Email ingredients as a clickable shopping list • Share using an elegant email layout • Access your recipes without an Internet connection • Back up recipes through iTunes file sharing Easy Entry • Enter recipes with copy and paste • Use The Recipe Box Keyboard to tap in shortcuts for cooking terms • Bluetooth keyboard compatible • Add photos from your personal album easily • Write notes while you cook without leaving the display screen • Cross-reference recipes in multiple categories