Current Version Version: 1.0.1
Author imadjiine, LLC
Price $1.00
Description My Med ID is an application that lets you gather all of your pertinent medical information in one place. First responders know to look for the in case of emergency contact (ICE) on your cell phone. My Med ID takes this one-step further by allowing first responders and medical personnel to access this information. In this application you can simply input any illnesses you may have, medications, allergies, ICE, preferred hospital, physician’s phone numbers, and blood type. The application may help to eliminate confusion and drug interactions. My Med ID also makes it easier to access all pertinent information while at a doctor’s office or pharmacy.

What’s in this version: Enter basic medical information such as illneses, allergies, medications you are taking, doctors telephone names and numbers and more!

If you want your information accessible you must follow these steps. However, please be aware that if you remove your password all of your information on your entire iPhone will be visible:

1. Go to settings;
2. General;
3. Disable Passcode lock (a code will no longer be required to access your iPhone information);
4. Now your iPhone is accessible by anyone who picks it up by sliding the unlock bar when the iPhone is turned on. Only do this if you want all of your information accessible to someone else;
5. Test by pressing the top power button briefly, the screen will go black and then pressing again to turn it on.

Disclaimer: Note that any information you put on your phone may be accessed by others. This information is therefore, not secure and should only be entered if you wish others to see it. Further, the makers of this application make no warranties either express or implied as to the ability for any medical professional, first responder or other personnel to access this information or use it in accordance with your wishes. Therefore, backup documentation and medical information should be carried should this information be critical to your health. Use it at your own risk. This applciation is not intended, nor does it actually constitute any medical advise or medical instruction and should not be relied upon as such.

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