Current Version Version: 1.0.2
Author Yun-Lin Lee
Price $1.00
Description (iOS4.0 / iPhone4 tested & High resolution Icon for iPhone4 retina display!) ContactPro introducing Multi-Layer Group managements capability that provides a whole new level of group managements by categorizing your contacts automatically base on Organization, Department, Title position, Country, City, and/or States. ContactPro allows you to: *Categorize/filter group within a group!... Quick example is to first categorize all your contact by Organization, select the organization to show all the contacts in that organization and categorize/filter further by say Department, title position, country, city, or states. You can do this for up to 5 layers. *Move contacts or categorized group of contacts easily to any of your main group created by you either from Mac Addressbook, Windows Outlook, or from this APP. *Compose Mail by adding contact's mail from categorized group(s).. This is especially convenient if you want to send mail to say all contacts in a specific organization or all contatcs in specific department from specific organization!. That is the power of Multi-Layer group management concept. *You can search contacts or search categorized groups from particular layer. *Create or delete group (main group).. main groups are groups that iTunes can synch.. do not confuse main groups with categorized/filtered group(s) *Shake to change themes!.. shake you device in the main group displayer to cycle through 3 different themes. Check Tutorial/demonstration video from: PC Youtube demonstration direct link: