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Version 3.0 - 23 April 2010

Do you love flowers and plants?
Do you work with flowers and plants?
Garden for iPhone lets you take all the necessary information of your flowers and plants, in your hand, where you go.
A comprehensive app to keep all information about your own flowers and plants in your garden.
The most beautiful species with lots of information. Including; common and botanical name, description, light, water, soil and climate requirements, planting and bloom times, most important care to do and more of the flowers and plants you enjoy.
Also descriptions of the most common pests and diseases with their symptoms and treatments.
- Add your own plants from the guide easily with one tap.
- Keep track of tasks, care, pests and diseases of each of your plants.
- Complete and understandable descriptions of many flowers with numerous photos.
- Add your own photos to help you remember your plants at different sizes.
- View all species arranged by alphabet, type or bloom time.
- Remembers what you has to do with each plant.
- A complete Journal to keep photos and notes of your garden all the time.
- A complete To Do list for your garden.
- Search anything instantaneously.
- And more...

Now with 200 species (this line is also fine as written until we add more species)
About 20 species of common pests and diseases.

The Garden Guide included will be updated continuously.

We working to improve Garden for iPhone... with new features soon.

*** More flowers and plants coming soon, please be patient
*** Please contact us for any suggestions and problems

The guide is only indicative.

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