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Description Wake up to your favorites iPod music!Isn’t it great to leave your iPhone/iPod touch on the nightstand as a clock and wake you up with your favorites iPod music? What about customize it the way you want? Easy Clock gives you all the options: color, time/date format, wide landscape mode, digital/analog clock and 3 modes for different habits. Now start to make the clock of your own – Alarm clock plus is the coolest clock you can get!

- Polished UI and LCD display in both digital and analog mode.
- Slide up and down of the screen to adjust brightness of the clock.
- Add multiple alarms for different tasks.
- Alarm Sound ON/OFF.
- Use songs/playlist in your iPod library as alarm sound(In-App purchase).
- Week calendar
- Repeat alarm on any day of the weekday or everyday
- Snooze mode: Repeat alarm every 10 minutes
- Alarm indicator on main screen
- LCD style display with almost all kinds of colors.
- Customizable date format: With or without am/pm, second, day, date
- With or without backlight
- Support both portrait and wide landscape modes
- 12-hour/24-hour time format
- Digital/Analog display
- Prevent system screen auto-lock
- Auto-lock screen ON/OFF
- Brightness adjustment in dim mode(since V1.2)

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