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Description ★★★★★ ON SALE (40% off regular price) FOR A LIMITED TIME ★★★★★ mGifts for iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad, helps you to plan and track your gift giving needs for any holiday or special event. mGifts makes it easy and convenient to see how many gifts you’ve purchased, still need to get, and how much money you've spent by person. It also allows you to simply and quickly view what gifts you need by a given store, event, group or person. mGifts will help you keep on budget while giving you the assurance that you're not missing anyone when it comes to celebrating your special day. mGifts is useful for Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, anniversaries and any other event that you may want to track. - New support for iCloud so you can keep all your devices in sync - New Groups feature allows you to better organize your gift lists - New Event view allows automatic ordering of events and count-down to event - New and improved user interface - New budgeting feature that allows you to specify a budget by person for each event - Allows you to specify each individual in your gift list with an optional custom photo - Allows you to customize which stores you shop at - Allows you to customize events of interest to you - Allows you to view your gift list by person, store, event or all - Sorts gifts by "needed" and "purchased" - Allows you to set a 4 digit pin code to prevent unwanted access - Allows summary views to see how much you've spent, how many gifts you've bought and how many you still need -Allows you to attach a photo to a gift -Share your list via email -Clean iPhone interface - Runs in native resolution on iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad - Supports the high-res "retina" display Please also check out our other app, mSecure.