Current Version Version: 2.5
Author Dr. Stephan Gillmeier
Price $1.00
Description WikiPDA was specially developed to make navigation though the world's most popular online encyclopedia as *fast* and *convenient* as possible.

DESIGNED FOR SPEED: Articles can be accessed even faster than with Safari on your desktop because WikiPDA performs download of content download *intelligently*, fetching remaining parts on an as needed basis - ideal in low-bandwidth situations.

INCREDIBLY EASY TO USE: Article tables of contents are conveniently display in a table, enabling navigation to the section of interest with a single touch of a table entry.

OPTIMIZED FOR iPHONE/iPOD TOUCH: Articles are also presented in a manner that has been specially optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch display. The images and descriptions thereof appearing on any Wikipedia page can be browsed easily. All articles can be viewed in *portrait* as well as *landscape* mode.

In summary, WikiPDA is
- designed for speed
- intuitive and easy to use
- optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch screen
- always up-to-date, presenting you with the very latest entries and updates from Wikipedia
-special designed "image views"

WikiPDA currently provides access to Wikipedia in the following languages:
- English
- Spanish
- French
- Portuguese
- German
Support for more languages is on the way!

Quite simply, WikiPDA is the fastest, coolest way to access Wikipedia from your iPhone!

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