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Description TAP INTO YOUR TAX REFUND Try it for free and pay when you file. Do your taxes from your iPad and get your guaranteed biggest tax refund in as fast as 8 days when you e-file your return – it's that easy! __________________________________________________________________________ HOW IT WORKS TurboTax is now optimized for your iPad, so you can tap, drag, and flick your way to your tax refund in no time! You won’t get a bigger refund anywhere else – we guarantee it. Prices start at just $29.99 per federal return and $36.99 per state return (optional). KEY FEATURES · Do your taxes on the go (no need to be online the whole time) · Your info is safe, secure, and saved on your iPad · Answer simple questions and we fill out all the right tax forms for you · Get step-by-step guidance to find every tax deduction and tax credit you deserve · E-file your tax return and get your refund in as fast as 8 days __________________________________________________________________________ Maximum Refund and 100% Accurate Calculations Guaranteed: VISIT US: FOLLOW US: FIND US: