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Price Free
Description Enjoy a music "jam session" on compatible Pioneer audio products, with multiple users submitting their favourite tracks to a common playlist via Bluetooth. (Please see Pioneer HP for confirming compatible products) With the Air Jam app installed on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, you can participate and contribute songs from your player to the main playlist. The current implementation allows multiple persons (devices) to share and submit their favourite songs to the common Air Jam playlist. An original app to enjoy not only your music, but also that of your friends. Discovered a new interesting song? With the core meta-date available in the playlist entry log, you can directly go to iTunes to purchase it, or switch to YouTube for watching related video clips. *** Main Features *** - Select favourite songs from multiple individual iPhone/iPad/iPod touch units, and create one common playlist: "Select Song" - Add songs from the participating iPhone/iPad/iPod touch units to the playlist at random: "Auto Shuffle" - Songs submitted to the playlist are automatically stored in a history list: "Entry Log" - Purchase songs from the iTunes store or watch related YouTube video clips from the "Entry Log"